Tips for Making a Delicious Burger

Who doesn’t love the taste of a great burger at the end of a long day? When made right, a burger can really change your entire mood and leave you feeling satisfied. However, of course, the key to all of this is knowing how to cook your burger the right way. Here are a few tips that will help you do it. Don’t use too many different seasonings. A famous cook like Bobby Flay recommends that you only use salt and pepper to season a burger. If you work too many other seasonings into the mix, you will end up...

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Tips for Making an Amazing Roast

Roast beef is a traditional dinner that has been popular for many years. Despite its long popularity, preparing and cooking roast beef may be intimidating if you have not done it before. Here are a few tips for making an amazing roast. A memorable roast beef dinner starts with choosing the right meat. A bone-in rib roast is often considered the best option for roast beef, but you can also use a bottom or top round roast. Whichever cut you choose, try to select a roast that has a layer of fat as well as marbling (small strips of fat...

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Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Steak

There’s nothing like enjoying a nice, big, juicy steak at the end of a long day. When prepared properly, steak is one of the most delicious foods you will ever eat. But unfortunately, there are a number of mistakes that people tend to make when cooking a steak. It all starts with buying the steak from the wrong place. Far too many people choose to simply buy steak at the supermarket rather than going to a butcher or a trusted steak seller that specializes in delivering 100 percent grass fed steaks. You should avoid making that mistake at all costs...

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Tips for Preparing Tasty Short Ribs

Beef short ribs are a popular and affordable alternative to many other cuts of meat. Cooked properly, beef short ribs are a delicious meal that ranks near the top of many people’s favorite foods list. Achieving the best results does, however, require care with preparation and cooking. These are a few tips for preparing short ribs. You have several options when purchasing short ribs. The ribs may be boneless, English-style, or cross-cut. Many people prefer bone-in ribs to boneless, but this is a matter of preference. English-style short ribs are cut between the ribs so that each rib has one...

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Why Demand for Grass Fed Beef Continues to Increase

Grass Fed Beef

At a time of changing food trends, demand for grass-fed beef continues to rise. In fact, some estimates place the growth in demand for grass-fed beef at 25 percent or more per year over the past decade. These are a few reasons why demand for grass-fed beef continues to increase. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the nutritional value of foods that they eat. This is probably to be expected since health and nutrition information is easier to access than at any time in history. Fat and calories are a traditional concern with beef when compared to other protein sources. Grass-fed...

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