Springtime at Wilderness Ranch

Springtime at Wilderness Ranch

by Rachel Erb June 04, 2018

Have you ever wondered what springtime looks like at Wilderness Ranch? Take a short "farm tour" with us and we'll share some of our favorite parts of springtime with you.
Welcome to Wilderness Ranch  - springtime is the best time of year on the farm (in my opinion anyways).
I just love all the new life and growth all around us this time of year. The lovely flowers emerging in the flowerbeds......
.....and all that lush, green grass. I sometimes wish I was a cow this time of year - that grass looks good enough to eat!!!! It's the perfect time of year to be raising some 100% Grass Fed cattle!!!!
One of our favorite "family" activities this time of year is to all climb aboard the Kubota ATV and drive through our herd of Black Angus cattle. Such a peaceful way to spend an evening together.
And the cattle love to see us coming too....always hoping that they might be getting moved to a fresh paddock of luscious, green grass.
There's no question as to which cow this little calf belongs too....see the resemblance?
The kiddos just love being involved in all aspects of farm life - always lots of learning opportunities for them throughout the day.
And those little calves steal the show every single time!!!! They are so fun to watch, especially in the evening when they love nothing better than to run & play around with each other. Aren't they just the cutest?
And who's that hiding in the grass, we needed to be careful not to drive on them!!!
Love the lighting and colors on this picture....
And that's all for now. We hope you enjoyed your little glimpse of what life is like at the ranch in the springtime.
If you'd rather have a little farm tour in person, contact us to arrange a date to visit the farm - we love to show our cattle to our customers. You can pick up some tasty meat at the same time - that's the best part!!!!

Rachel Erb
Rachel Erb


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