About Wilderness Ranch in Ontario

At Wilderness Ranch we (the Erbs) go back a long way - 6 generations to be exact! For many years we have been farmers, people of the land you might say.
My great - great - great grandfather came over from Europe in 1826 to homestead a piece of farm land near Kitchener, Ontario. That piece of property is still in the Erb family and my father's youngest brother is currently operating it as a dairy farm. In 1980, my parents moved to Monkton, Ontario. The first 10 years they operated a small dairy farm, with other types of livestock as well (to keep me and my brothers out of trouble). We had animals such as dogs, cats, chickens, and at one point we even raised a few pigs. Of course, we have always had cows and calves. As farming became more specialized with farms getting much larger, the small family farm and its mixed spread of livestock was fast becoming a dying breed. Now all we have is Black Angus cattle and a few dogs, which has always been at the heart and soul of what we do at Wilderness Ranch. We are very pleased with the genetics in our herd of cows. We have spent many years trying to put together the best quality genetics that benefit you, the consumer. To see what our customers and others have to say about Our 100% Grass Fed, black angus beef please refer to our testimonials or reviews! 
Our pork we get from my brother who does an amazing job of raising! I would encourage you to read our testimonials and reviews on our pork products to see what other customers are saying.
Our Chickens we have family friends of ours raising them and also we get some from Howick Community Farmers (an alliance of Mennonite farmers from Gorrie, Ontario). I would encourage you to read our testimonials and reviews on our chicken products to see what our customers are saying! 
When you purchase meat from us here at Wilderness Ranch the quality of the meat you will experience is beyond anything that you can purchase in the supermarket. You can also rest assured knowing that the meat on your plate has decades of research and commitment from people who love and enjoy what they do and are dedicated to the highest quality standards. Your meat also has come from a local farmer that you can see and talk to. How many super markets can you go to, and see the farmer that provided the meat that is in the meat aisle or even talk to him/her? We are real cowboys and enjoy the days of roundup, and a good hardy cowboy meal when the work is done. We love using horses because of the natural way a horse and a cow correspond to each other. A cow naturally respects a horse, thus causing a great deal less stress when movement of a herd is required. Pressure is applied only when required to guide the herd in the desired direction. When they are all going in the right direction the horses and the cowboys release the pressure and the move becomes as close to a walk in the park as you can get. This technique makes for a very stress free and calm move for the cattle.
We love what we are doing and thoroughly enjoy the cattle and the horses, but most of all we are delighted to bring you the best Grass Fed / Pasture Raised meat experience you will ever have. We are excited to share in the sustainable future by providing you with local food that comes directly from OUR farm to your plate. Our land, we manage naturally, with movement of the cattle from one paddock of lush green grass to the next, thereby giving the land a rest to rejuvenate and reproduce. We believe it is our duty to be good stewards of the land and to manage it in a sustainable way. We enjoy looking after our little segment of creation, and would love to share some of what we do here with you! We do farm tours for our customers as well! So if you are dropping by to pick up your order be sure to ask us for a tour! 
Feel free to browse through our store and enjoy your stay. If you would like some of our products, simply go to our Shop and select the products you would like, check out and relax! We have several reliable shipping options to deliver your order to your door! Please refer to our shipping page for more info on how we ship. If you have any questions or special requests send them along with your order in the order notes. Or feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you! 
We are dedicated to bringing you the most healthy, naturally raised, best tasting meats that are available today.