Ontario Pastured Chicken

Our pasture raised chickens are raised by us at Wilderness Ranch and Howick Community Farmers (a co-op of local Mennonite family farms) where they are free to wander through green grass fields, choosing their own diets of grass and grains. They are raised during the summer months to ensure that every little flock has the opportunity to absorb lots of warm sunshine and fresh air. To protect them from predators during the night, each flock is supplied with a portable shelter. What a pleasant chore for the children, to run out in the morning to let the chickens out into the wide open meadows!

No Cages, No Antibiotics, No GMO's, Nothing Artificial

Our chickens are natural, hearty, and healthy! Nutritious and flavorful they make a delightful eating experience.

Check out our blog post to see how we raise the chickens.

Due to harsh Canadian winters we are only able to raise our chickens outside in the Spring, Summer and Fall months. In order to supply you with pasture raised chicken all throughout the Winter months we raise enough chickens to stock our freezer so we have enough supply right through until April. New stock typically arrives in May of any given year. To keep our pastured chicken at peak freshness when it arrives at your doorstep we safely vacuum seal each cut of meat in portion sizes that are convenient for you to simply pull out of the freezer to enjoy, next we flash freeze it to lock in all the fresh nutrients, so that when you defrost the package to enjoy it tastes like the day it was packaged!