The Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

What is the Wilderness Ranch difference?

What sets Our beef apart from other Conventional beef or even other Grass Fed Beef?
At Wilderness Ranch we have worked for many years developing the genetics of our cow. We have done our utmost to build a better steak, and also a better cow. What this means is that our quality of 100% grass fed and finished beef is not easily duplicated.
At Wilderness Ranch are committed to long term development and sustainability of grass fed beef. We believe it is in the best interest and the responsibility of the consumer to research what they put on their plate every day. I believe it is also the responsibility of the producer or farmer to provide clear insight to his/her potential customers what is being fed to their animals. With this in mind we have striven to develop our grass fed beef to the highest possible standards, and to provide transparency in the way we produce this beef. First we must start at the beginning of the life cycle of an animal. When we started our herd of cows we started with a very tight pool of genetics in order to gain consistency in our meat. What this means for you, is that you will hardly notice the difference from one box of meat to the next, the beef will taste the same. With our herd of cows being this consistent we are able to send you a box of beef that will taste exactly the same as the one you got before. 
At Wilderness Ranch we DO NOT purchase any yearling cattle at all. Any beef that you purchase from us has been raised by one of our momma cows. We simply will not purchase calves to put into our program because: We want to bring to our consumers beef that you can know and trust is 100% grass fed and finished beef. Raised as naturally as possible. We try to follow nature as closely as possible with the timing of calving, weaning, and harvesting of the calves. At approximately 10 months of age the calves are weaned from the mother naturally, (meaning they are left with the mother and the mother weans them) this usually occurs naturally by about February or March. We believe calving should happen In the spring (May - June) when everything is coming to life, all the wild animals are giving birth to their new offspring, predation is less of a threat because of the over abundance of new life, and the grass is naturally balanced with the right amount of vitamins and minerals to support the cows and their newborn calves. This is the ultimate calving time there is no mud, the ground is dry, and the flies are not yet out to carry diseases around. The calves from the previous year ( which are now yearlings ) are separated from the cows so they don't interfere with the new born calves. These yearlings are placed on separate pastures with lots of grass. The steers and heifers are separated from each other as well and only the best heifers are kept to breed so we can strengthen our herd genetically and also to replace any cows that are getting old. The yearlings that are designated for grass fed beef are placed on the best pastures that we have. By the time late fall rolls around these cattle are now about 900-1000 lbs live weight and ready to be harvested. One reason I like to follow nature so closely is because it works incredibly different if you try to fight nature and the natural course of life. The reason I believe harvesting in the fall is the best is because once again the grass has it all figured out, it is naturally higher in sugars and energy so the animals (domestic and wild alike) will put on weight and bulk up for the winter that is inevitable in our environment where cold winters and dormancy forces the wild animals to browse on anything they can eat. Once I see this weight starting to go on the animals I know it is time to start harvesting them and thus the cycle continues.We here at Wilderness Ranch hope you will appreciate our transparency and the fact that you can buy integrity beef that is truly 100% grass fed and finished from the start of life all the way to harvest and to your dinner plate. When you decide to purchase Wilderness Ranch Grass Fed beef you can rest assured that the beef you will serve your family and friends has never left the ranch and care of us here at Wilderness Ranch. Order today and secure your integrity 100% grass fed and finished black angus beef.

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