How does Wilderness Ranch Shipping Work?

At Wilderness Ranch we are constantly looking for ways increase our customer satisfaction, one of the ways we can do this is to provide economical shipping our quality grass fed and pasture raised meats.  We provide a combination of different shipping services for your convenience. 

~Farm Pickups are FREE and ALWAYS WELCOME!!

We welcome you to come out and visit our farm in beautiful Perth County! We would like everyone to be able to visit us at some point but we realize that this is not always possible. Please make arrangements before driving out as we are a working farm and we may not always be here, so please be sure to schedule an appointment with us. Need Directions to Wilderness Ranch? Click Here.
 If you are one that cannot make it for a farm pickup we welcome you to explore our shipping options listed below.

Home Delivery to the GTA

We are excited to be able to now offer an economical and very reliable Home Delivery option! We have struck a deal with my brother who has bought a delivery van and is running this van to the GTA, currently every two weeks. I have posted on the top of the page, the date of our next GTA Home Delivery run. This option costs about .83 per lb of product that you order. If you order over $300.00 worth of product, delivery is FREE to the GTA. This rate applies to the GTA only! Please Refer to the ERB Transport section of this page if you are further away!

~Erb Transport Refrigerated Carriers for Larger Orders Over 50 lbs and anywhere in Ontario

If you are farther away and would like to purchase some of our quality meats we use Erb Transport Refrigerated Carriers.The shipping charge can be anywhere from 70.00-250.00 depending on how far away and whether you could pick it up at an Erb Transport Terminal if you are close by one. If you want Erbs to deliver it right to your door there will be a residential delivery fee of 45.00. This rate is for 0-250 lbs so obviously the more you order the less the shipping becomes per pound. Cowpooling or Pigpooling with some of your friends and relatives allows you to order a larger quantity, getting a better rate for your meat and you can have it shipped as one order and split the delivery charges a few different ways. That will significantly reduce the shipping charge per person, and per lb of meat.   

~If you are more then 2.5 hours away and would like to order a large quantity, please Contact us to get a Quote for delivery!!

Here is a list of where the Erb terminals are located in relation to you.

  1. Baden
  2. Missisauga
  3. North Bay
  4. Montreal
  5. Ottawa
  6. Trenton
  7. Thunder Bay




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