What Do Grass-Fed Cows Eat In The Winter? Part 2

What Do Grass-Fed Cows Eat In The Winter? Part 2

by Rachel Erb March 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered what a 100% Grass-Fed cow eats in the winter months when there is clearly no grass growing in Ontario. We are asked this question quite often and the simple answer is.......100% Grass-Fed cows eat "hay" in the wintertime.
If you have not had a chance to read Part 1 of this series, I encourage you to do that right here before continuing. In Part 1, we shared our summer "haymaking" process with you.
Today, it's time to share the other side - the feeding of this stored hay (dried grasses) to our herd of Grass-Fed, Black Angus cattle. You may recall how our hay is stored in long rows of tightly wrapped plastic for the winter months of feeding. Here's what those long rows look like in wintertime...almost covered with snow!!!!
Nearly every day, Farmer Mark jumps in his tractor, hooks up the bale feeder behind the tractor and heads out to feed his cows. He can take 3 bales of hay on a load back to the cattle. He starts out by cutting open the plastic from around the bales which he will be feeding that day:
Then the 3 bales are loaded - 2 on the bale feeder and 1 on the front of the tractor:
Once the bales are all loaded, it's time to head back to where the cattle are waiting for their breakfast.
The cattle are always more than happy to see him coming, and can't wait to get their first mouthful of breakfast.
No manners happening here, it's first come, first serve.
The bale feeder that Farmer Mark uses unrolls the bale as he drives forward slowly, laying it out on the ground in a long row so that all of cattle can find a spot to eat at.
Once the 1st bale has all been unrolled, the 2nd bale on the back of the feeder is flipped over onto the feeding tray and gets unrolled as well.
After all 3 bales have been unrolled this way, there is now a spot for everyone to stand and enjoy their breakfast!
And now it's time to head back the the bale yard for another load. 
Enjoy your breakfast!!!!
And now you know what a 100% Grass Fed cow eats in the wintertime here at Wilderness Ranch.
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From our Farm to your Fork. 

Rachel Erb
Rachel Erb


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