Frozen Meats from Wilderness Ranch VS Fresh Meats From the Grocery Store

Frozen Meats from Wilderness Ranch VS Fresh Meats From the Grocery Store

by Mark Erb April 10, 2018

In this post I will point out some of the major differences (and some of the not so significant differences) that all add up to a big difference in choosing healthy meats that will feed your body's nutritional needs. 

Some of you may be wondering... So what really are the differences in eating fresh meat from the grocery store versus frozen grass fed and pasture raised meats from Wilderness Ranch?

Others say they will never ever eat any meat that has been frozen!

Freezers are an ingenious invention! With freezers we can preserve the life of many perishable products in a very health conscious way! No need for any kind of preservatives! Frozen meats and vegetables in well sealed packages keeps them completely safe and locks in valuable nutrients to be consumed at a later date. In my opinion, it does no harm to the meats unless the seal on the packaging has been compromised. 

What are the differences?

Fresh Meat from the grocery store:

  • Fresh meat has never been frozen and may go days in its packaging until you come by and pick it off the shelf. What kind of preservatives are sprayed on it to keep it looking fresh? 
  • It looks unnaturally red, I'm not sure how they get this very red color but I know for a fact that it isn't naturally that red! 
  • Unless it is labeled as 100% grass fed and finished it probably isn't! If it is labeled as grass fed, I would urge you to take a close look! These days there is a lot of label playing going on! Its true all beef is grass fed up to a certain point but what happens in the last 100-180 days of the animals life depends on whether they are 100% grass fed or finished on grain. Make sure it is 100% grass fed and finished!
  • Its true fresh from the grocery store has never been frozen but there are lots of drawbacks to eating these meats as we just mentioned.

Frozen Meats from Wilderness Ranch:

  • At Wilderness Ranch our meats come from animals that we raise from birth to harvest! When we harvest an animal we take it to a provincially licensed plant. There they slaughter the animal under the careful watch of an Ontario Inspector.
  • Once the beef has been slaughtered the carcass is rolled into a giant cooler where it is cooled down quickly (about 2 degrees Celsius) and allowed to dry age for 10-14 days. After the aging process is completed the carcass is taken to the cutting room
  • At the cutting room the meat cutters cut the meat into Steaks, Roasts, Ground Beef, Stew, Braising Ribs, and many other cuts!
  • Immediately after the meat has been cut it is packaged (either brown paper or vac packing) and placed into the freezer where it is cooled down very quickly to -18 degrees Celsius!
  • There are no preservatives or coloring of any kind put on the meats to keep them looking fresh or from growing bacteria.
  • The freezer will completely lock in the nutrients and keep them safe until you decide to pull it out of your freezer, defrost it and cook it. 
  • Our Beef is 100% Grass Fed and Finished! The animals are harvested at about 17-19 months of age and are never ever fed any grains of any kind! We are NOT finishing our animals on grains! 
  • I haven't even mentioned all the different health benefits of eating Grass Fed Beef vs Grain Fed Beef. I would urge you to research all those benefits as well and feed your body what it needs not more of what it already has and doesn't need. Check out one of our previous blog posts about Fatty Acids  or Explore the differences between Grass Fed and Grain Fed Beef

Now that you know some of the differences of purchasing Frozen from Wilderness Ranch VS Fresh form the grocery store, I hope you will be better informed for the next time you need to purchase meats for your dinner table. 

Not sure where to purchase some great-tasting, grass-fed beef? You've come to the right place. We have some of the best-tasting, grass-fed beef for sale that Southern Ontario has to offer. We even have free home delivery to Toronto and surrounding areas. Visit our online store or give us a call to place your order today.


Mark Erb
Mark Erb


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