Pastured Half Pig or Whole Pig Deposit


** NOTE: If you are interested in a smaller amount of pork, we have a beautiful array of individual cuts available and our 30 lb box as well.  

Our pork is second to none! They are truly pasture raised and are able to run free, dig, and root at will wherever they please. They do take a little longer to grow because of this, but we think it simply makes them taste that much better!

This deposit will reserve you a Half or Whole Pig cut to you specifications. This is only a deposit! 
Your final payment is due at time of pick up, or prior to delivery via Interac email money transfer, or cash. We do not accept Credit or Debit for payment of these orders! 
Once you have placed your deposit we require you to fill out our online cutting form and submit it. This is so we know how you would like your animal cut. If you need help with this we would be happy to walk you through that process. Contact Us
  • Whole Pig - estimated 220 lbs dressed weight @ $7.30 / lb. Approximately $1600. You'll get approximately 150 lbs in your freezer depending on your cutting instructions and size of your whole pig. Approximately 5-7 cubic feet of freezer space required 
  • Half Pig - estimated 110 lbs dressed weight @ $7.30 / lb. Approximately $800.
    You'll get approximately 75 lbs in your freezer depending on your cutting instructions and size of your half pig. Approximately 2-4 cubic feet of freezer space required 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
We love Wildness Ranch

I tell everyone about Wilderness Ranch. You can't beat the meat quality or taste of pasture-raised. The order process is so easy. The meat is vacuum-packed, so there are no worries about freezer burn, and it gets delivered right to my door—you can't beat that!

Awesome quality

We are loving the half pig we ordered.
Well packaged and great communication for the delivery. Honestly the best bacon I've ever had and the breakfast sausage is great for brunch. Looking forward to future purchases!

Thanks for your kind words Jill! We do our best to make this process as smooth as possible! Mmmm.... Bacon! We love it too!

Quality and Care

We were truly happy with our half pig. Our only regret in hindsight was not buying a whole one. Mark was extremely helpful and patient with all questions. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of buying to do so as food security is extremely important and prices are still soaring upwards. Stock up while you can with meat you know isn’t full of growth hormones or fed with gmo’s. Thanks to Mark and his family for this service to the community. We will definitely be repeat costumers!

Thanks for your kind words and recommendation Naomi! No problem with your questions! We are happy to help! Enjoy your meat!

Outstanding pork

Thanks so much to everyone at Wilderness Ranch for providing such high quality food to southern Ontario. The pork is delicious! I really appreciate Wilderness Ranch's commitment to avoiding corn and soy. The pigs are much healthier and that translates to healthier food for us. Keep up the fantastic work!


To suggest Wilderness Ranch provides excellent quality pork products would bean understatement.
Be sure to try the smoked pork chops in your half or whole pork order!