Pasture Raised, Organic Pork: Bacon, Chops, Ribs, Roasts & more!

We at Wilderness Ranch are excited to let you in on our latest news! We are now able to offer you some of our very own pasture raised pork. We have partnered with my brother on this latest venture and he is looking after the pigs and their daily requirements. This pork is second to none! Our pigs are able to run free, dig, and root at will where ever they please. They do take a little longer to grow because of this but we think it simply makes them taste that much better.
It is truly amazing to watch a pig in it's natural environment! Left alone a pig will show you the real pig character, attitudes, and mannerisms that God has given these animals. When let out in the open air and sun to roam with their siblings, and explore they truly become different animals. This excellent and deliciously raised pork is available periodically throughout the year, and is available by the half pig, or the whole pig, or by a 30 lb box.



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