Unsalted, Thornloe, Ontario Grass Fed Butter.


Unsalted Thornloe, Ontario Grass Fed Butter

Locally produced in the Temiskaming Valley, Northern Ontario - Thornloe grass-fed butter provides you with all the richness you love along with the omega-3's and vitamins. 

Thornloe Grass Fed Butter is about as local as you can get! Grass fed butter that is produced in the pristine northern Ontario clay belt call Temiskaming Valley! We think butter is like exquisite cheese or wine! Geographic location plays a big roll in the difference of taste! Try it and you will see to difference!

Thornloe Grass Fed Butter earned the Grand Champion Award in the butter division at the The Royal Cheese and Butter Competition Presented by Dairy Farmers of Ontario 2018! Thornloe Grass Fed Butter now takes its place on a list of award-winning dairy products recognized with prestigious accolades for the farmer-owned Thornloe Cheese located in Northeastern Ontario.

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