Salted, Grass Fed, A2, Organic, St Brigids Jersey Butter


Salted, A2, Organic, Single Source, Grass Fed, Jersey Butter! This butter is absolutely stacked! It has a beautiful golden tinge and a very full flavor!

Ingredients: Sweet grass-fed organic jersey cream (milk), Sea salt. 

St. Brigids Creamery / Salted Butter / From Certified Grass-Fed Organic Jersey Cows: These vibrant 84% M.F./M.G. butters are made from high Omega 3 Milk that St. Brigids harvest twice per day at their organic family farm in Huron County. Their Jersey Cows forage a delicious variety of grasses that they encounter through the rotational grazing of their paddocks. 

A2/A2 Beta Casein Protein; Unlike the harder-to-digest A1 casein protein (usually present in Canadian dairy), St. Brigids milk/cream is verified to contain only the A2 casein gene - That's because we harvest from a single A2/A2 herd. 

St. Brigid's Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture: We are committed to making tangible improvements to our soils and the environment. Certification with Rodale Institute and regional Hub Accreditation with Savory Institute are pending. 

St. Brigid's uses Vancouver Island Sea Salt: Our Salted Butter contains the right amount of a world-class sea salt that is hand-harvested in small batches from the pristine shores of Oyster Bay, BC. It perfectly complements our butter and elevates its beautifully rich flavor. 

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