Unsalted, Grass Fed, A2, Organic, St Brigids Jersey Butter


Unsalted, A2, Organic, Single Source, Grass Fed, Jersey Butter! This butter is absolutely stacked! It has a beautiful golden tinge and a very full flavor!

Ingredients: Sweet grass-fed organic jersey cream (milk).

St. Brigids Creamery / Unsalted Butter / From Certified Grass-Fed Organic Jersey Cows: These vibrant 84% M.F./M.G. butters are made from high Omega 3 Milk that St. Brigids harvest twice per day at their organic family farm in Huron County. Their Jersey Cows forage a delicious variety of grasses that they encounter through the rotational grazing of their paddocks. 

A2/A2 Beta Casein Protein; Unlike the harder-to-digest A1 casein protein (usually present in Canadian dairy), St. Brigids milk/cream is verified to contain only the A2 casein gene - That's because we harvest from a single A2/A2 herd. 

St. Brigid's Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture: We are committed to making tangible improvements to our soils and the environment. Certification with Rodale Institute and regional Hub Accreditation with Savory Institute are pending. 

St. Brigid's Unsalted Butter: Our Unsalted Butter is 100% pure butter. 

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