Grass Fed Beef Round Roast

Wilderness Ranch 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished Black Angus Beef Round Roast.
The eye of round comes from the hind quarters of a beef. It sits in between the top round and the bottom round and is sometimes called the “hidden tender” as it is shaped somewhat like a tenderloin, although smaller and not as tender. The eye of round is fairly versatile due to the shape and can be wrapped in bacon and cooked on the BBQ or made into jerky as the pieces will be of a consistent size and shape.

The eye of round has very little fat or marbling so cooking it with that in mind makes this eye of round pot roast a perfect comfort food. Best part is that you can turn it round for a stew if you have any left over. So simple and good. Everybody will love this!
Slow cook any of our round roasts, add a few potatoes and carrots to the mix and you have a  quick and nutritious meal that you can enjoy when you get home from work! Or use our round roasts to make pulled beef season to your liking and have our 100% grass fed beef on your sandwich for lunch at work!
Be sure to watch the video on how we produce this 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished beef. 

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