30 lb Beef Family Box

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30 lb Beef Family Box


Black Angus, 100% Grass Fed

An excellent choice for assorted grass fed cuts!

The simplest way to purchase our beef is by our 30 lb Beef Family Box. When you order this box you are getting approximately 1/10th of an animal. The reason we have introduced this box is because we have gotten lots of feed back from our customers and they all express the fact that they don't know what cuts to specify on the cutting instruction sheet. If you are one of these people and feel intimidated by the cutting instructions then we highly recommend this box to you. We have included cuts from most of the common parts of the animal in the box. You may order as many as you like, and they are available through out most of the year or as long as inventory lasts.

Whats in the box?
~ 30 lb Beef Family box consists of 30 lbs of WR raised 100% Grass Fed Black Angus Beef.
~Your beef comes in a 14 x 10 x 10 box so it takes up very little space (Less then 1 cubic foot)
~Because it is approximately 1/10th of an animal - counts and cuts may vary from box to box.
~6-8 succulent steaks (a combination of Rib Eye, Sirloin, Tenderloin, T-Bone, and Striploin)
~2-3 premium roasts (a combination of Cross Rib, Blade, Round or Rump)
~12-14 lbs ground beef in 1 lb pkgs
~1-2 lbs stewing beef in 1 lb pkgs
~Brazing Ribs, are also be included.
Boxes may vary in weight +/- 1 lb.



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