Quarter Black Angus Grass Fed Beef Bundle

Get a 1/4 Black Angus 100% grass fed and grass finished beef. An excellent choice for assorted cuts of our 100% Grass Fed & Finished, Black Angus Beef. 

This option gives you 3 of our 30 lb Family Boxes at a reduced rate, and you get a beautiful assortment of our 100% grass fed and grass finished Black Angus beef. With a quarter beef you will have all the essentials on hand, at your fingertips. Entertain your guests with succulent steak or simply enjoy a meal of delicious meat loaf on a cold winter afternoon with the family! 

What's in each box of a quarter beef?  

  • 4-6 succulent steaks (a combination of Prime Rib, T-Bone, Sirloin and Sirloin Tip.) 
  • 2-3 premium roasts (a combination of Cross Rib, Blade, Round or Rump)
  • 12-15 lbs ground beef in 1 lb pkgs
  • 1-3 lbs stewing beef in 1 lb pkgs
  • 1-2 pkgs Brazing Ribs 
  • Counts and Cuts will vary from box to box.
  • Boxes may vary in weight +/- 1 lb.

Looking for a larger amount of beef at a better price point? Check out our Half and Whole Beef option out! You are able to specify Cutting Instructions with this option as well. 

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