100% Grass Fed Half Cow or Whole Cow Deposit

Whole or Half Beef?

We are accepting half & whole beef deposits for Mid October Delivery 2023.

If you need beef to get you through until your half or whole is ready, or don't want this much beef all at once, our 30 lb Beef Box is an excellent option! Its about 1/10 of an animal and will fit nicely in your fridge freezer! Or check out our individual cut offering here. 

  • Half animal $8.75 / lb dressed weight (225-360 lbs - approximately $1800-$2900). You'll get between 160-250 lbs in your freezer depending on your cutting instructions and size of your half. Approximately 6-9 cubic feet of freezer space required.
  • Whole animal $8.75 / lb dressed weight (475-700 lbs - approximately $4200-$5800). You'll get between 350-450 lbs in your freezer depending on your cutting instructions and size of your whole animal. Approximately 12-15 cubic feet of freezer space required.
  • This works out to around $12-$14 / lb of cut and wrapped beef! This will depend on your cutting instructions.
  • Where do you buy this quality of beef for so little, direct from the farmer and 100% grass fed and grass finished!
  • Packaging: Vacuum Packed or Brown Butcher Paper... We give you the option to have your beef wrapped in "Brown Butcher Paper" or to have it "Vacuum Sealed". Our recommendation - If you are planning to eat your beef with in 6 months, it will be perfectly fine in "Brown Butcher Paper", if you think the beef order will last 6 months to 1 year or longer, or you simply want the peace of mind knowing that your beef is well protected against freezer burn then we recommend that you Vacuum Seal it! In order to cover the extra cost of vacuum sealing we charge an extra $.40 / lb of dressed weight. 
  • If you are located within one of Our Green or Blue Delivery Zones delivery is included in this price! If you are located outside of these zones there will be a delivery fee for us to ship to you. 

    This deposit will reserve you a whole or half animal cut to your specifications. This is only a deposit, it will be applied to the final purchase price of your beef. Your final payment is due at time of pick up, or prior to delivery via Interac email money transfer, or cash. We do not accept Credit or Debit for payment of these orders! 

    Once you have placed your deposit, fill out our online cutting form and submit it, this is so we know how you would like your animal cut. If you need any help with this we would be happy to help! Contact Us 

    We dry age your beef for 7-10 days. Then our butcher carefully cuts up your beef to your specifications. Once the beef is packaged how you specified, it is  immediately frozen to lock in all the nutrients! Note: Your beef will arrive frozen. Why, you may ask? It is much easier to deliver and store frozen then it is to keep it fresh, also there is no chance of bacteria growing on the meat, thus no requirement to treat the meat so it doesn't grow bad bacteria.

    If you are looking to enjoy nose to tail, want a years supply of beef, or have a family to feed and lots of freezer storage this is a good option for you. Just remember when buying a whole or half animal you are buying by dressed weight, and you will lose 25-35% of the initial weight due to the cutting process and based on your cutting instructions. For more information on this please visit our FAQ page. This deposit is required to reserve an animal for you. This way you are able to specify your cutting instructions.



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