Wilderness Ranch News Update!

by Mark Erb March 25, 2015

Exciting News!
 There has been another development that has taken place here at Wilderness Ranch! We are very excited to announce to you that we have just launched a rewards program on our website.
Create a Store Account
To become a part of this program you simply need to sign up for an account on our new website and you will automatically receive 1000 bonus points as a thank-you from us! How cool is that!
Once you have created your account, (on our store)  and are logged in, it will show you how many points you have on the rewards screen. 
So what are these points worth?
Well to be exact 1000 points equals $10.00
Earning Points
When you place an order with us in the future you will receive 1 point for every dollar that you spend with us through the website. 
We have also included points for referrals as well! So when you are logged into your account and on the rewards screen you will see a button for "referrals". Click the button and you will see your referral link. Directly from that screen you can share it on your facebook and twitter accounts, or you can email the link to your friends. When one of your friends completes a purchase with us, they will receive a 5 % discount and you will receive another 1000 points!
Redeeming Points
Redeeming your points is quick and easy! When you intend to make your next purchase with us simply log in to your store account and go to the rewards screen. Once there you will see how many points you have and what discounts they qualify for.  Simply click the redeem button beside the discount and then confirm it. Your discount code will be emailed to you or you can copy and paste it into the discount slot on the check out page. 
Thank-You is in Order
We here at Wilderness Ranch would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each one of  you very much for your past business and purchasing your meat from us. The way we see this is: that we would like to give back to you for being loyal patronizing customers. This is our biggest reason for launching this Rewards Program. Also if you are one that is really excited about us, Our products and how we do things, then we would like to invite you to refer us to your friends. We are always looking to increase our reach and market for our products and we would like to reward you for helping us to do this. 
Once again thank you very much to each one, and we hope that you will head on over to our website and set up a store account with us to receive your 1000 points, and don't forget to send the referral link to your friends. 
From all of  us here at Wilderness Ranch, wishing you a safe and happy upcoming spring/summer!

Mark Erb
Mark Erb


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