Wilderness Ranch 2015 Winter Newsletter

by Mark Erb February 12, 2015

Wilderness Ranch Winter Newsletter
Feb 12 2015
We hope you are enjoying your beef, lamb and chicken that you received from us last year. If you see that you are running low, we do have some stock available here yet, but it is limited. We have lots of our 30 lb beef boxes, and we have some chickens left yet as well. Beef organs are all sold out! We do have lots of knuckle bones though if you are looking for some healthy chew treats for your pet, or if you would like to use them in soup. We have a few boxes of burgers left yet and a couple of oxtials. If you are interested in any of these feel free to visit our new site or the old one and send us and order. 
At Wilderness Ranch we are enjoying the winter and all the challenges it brings! ;-)  There has been lots of snow lately that needs to be moved. The cows are enjoying the winter as well, as long as they are fed they are happy. Last years calves are looking excellent! In another couple of months we will be separating them from their mothers, and they will be ready to go out on lush pastures to enjoy the summer. 
The days are starting to get longer and with it more direct sunlight. The cattle absolutely love this, they stand and bask in the afternoon sun! 
Before we know it spring will be here and the busyness that comes with it on the farm. I am looking forward to it though with a little anticipation. Can't wait for the warm weather and the green grass again! 
News at Wilderness Ranch
There have been a few changes around here at Wilderness Ranch.
First of all and the biggest news is that we have created a New Website / Store! Now you are able to order directly on line and have it shipped to your door. Our old site is still up and running and will be indefinitely. I have placed a large link just under the banner across the top, "Visit Our New Website". For those of you sending deposits for whole and half animals. You can either send them via inter ac e-transfer or you can now send them from our new website and pay credit card if you like. 
Second piece of news is that we have started doing our own deliveries! If this has been a prohibitive factor for you in the past, then we hope that will not be a problem for you anymore. Our delivery rates are based on weight and are delivered to your door!
0-50 lbs - 50.00
50-100 lbs - 45.00
100-150 lbs - 40.00
150-200 lbs - 35.00
200+ lbs - 30.00
We do ask for your patience as we may not be as quick to get your order delivered as before but as we get a better handle on this service we hope to iron out all the kinks and are able to get better at it. For those of you that are farther away we will still be using Erb Transport. If you are more then 3 hours away we will use Erbs to deliver. 
Third piece of news is that we have added heritage breed pasture raised pork to our list of products that we carry. We have partnered with my brother on this project and he is looking after the daily needs and requirements of the pigs. Our pigs are fed non gmo grains to supplement there diet of grass, roots, grubs, and whatever they find while rooting and digging in the ground. In the winter the pigs are housed in a barn on a pack of straw and shavings, (not slats) and fed a non gmo grain ration since they cannot be outside rooting and digging. This pork is very very good! I have tried it myself and absolutely love it! I can certainly recommend it to each and every one of you! Since they are heritage breed they grow a little slower, and they are fatter then the regular pork you get in the store. Due to the fact that we only have one pair of brood pigs right now, and that they grow a little slower, supply is very very limited. We are taking deposits for whole and half pigs though. We will also take orders for the 30 lb variety pasture pork box. We hope to increase our availability for you in the future! When you do send us a deposit we will put you on a list and let you know approximately when your pork will be available. 

The fourth piece of news is that we are now able to offer you a vac packing option for your meat. As some of you have requested. If you order a whole or half beef or pig you are now able to specify if you would like vac packing or simply brown freezer paper. For the vac packing there is an extra .15 / lb charge calculated on the dressed weight to cover this cost. If you decide to stay with the brown freezer paper it is included in our posted dressed weight price. 
We are very excited to see what summer has to bring for us and we look forward to working with you again in 2015. We hope you are enjoying your meat that you got from us this past year and we thank you greatly for your order. If you have and questions, concerns, special requests we would love to hear them. In order for us to improve on our products we need to hear from our customers and what they would like to see us change. So don't feel bad, go ahead and tell us what you would like to see!
Thank you once again for supporting your local, sustainable, sun harvesting, grass farming farmer!
Let's work together towards a brighter tomorrow one bite at a time!
From all of us here at Wilderness Ranch we wish you a safe and happy year in 2015

Mark Erb
Mark Erb


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