Pastured Pork Boneless Ham Steak

Our Pastured Pork Ham Steaks are sliced 3/4" thick. They are delicious, and make a quick easy meal with out the need to cook a whole ham for dinner! Simply cook them lightly in a skillet on your stove top and enjoy! Follow this link for a short video and recipe of delicious brown sugar glazed ham steak! It really is delicious! 
Our pigs are GMO Free and Pasture-Raised!  They enjoy the freedom to roam the great outdoors and simply do what pigs do best! We are very excited to offer you the best pasture raised pork eating experience you'll have in a long time!
Ham Steak ingredients: Fully Cooked  pork, water, salt, brown sugar, phosphate, erythorbate, sugar, spice extractives, polysorbate 80, sodium nitrite, sodium bicarbonate, glycerine, natural wood smoke. 

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