Just the Ground Beef Bundle

100% Grass Fed Ground Beef Bundles

Buy our Delicious Ground beef at discounted prices in bulk!

  • 30 lbs. 3% off
  • 60 lbs. 4% off
  • 90 lbs. 5% off

Our 100% grass fed and grass finished black angus ground beef, is a high quality, nutrient dense product, providing essential vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, Vitamin B, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Vacuum sealed packaging ensures it's fresh and full of flavor. 

Our ground beef will take you back in time, and give you a glimpse of bygone years with such good flavor! Sit down to a fresh meat loaf, a bowl of chili soup, sloppy joes, or tender, juicy, and tasty meatballs - an experience you wont soon forget! 

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