Whole Pasture Raised Turkeys

We are offering a very small run of Turkeys just in time for Thanksgiving & Christmas! They are very limited so please order immediately if you want to try one of these delicious Pasture Raised Turkeys! We have raised these turkey's outside just like our chickens and besides the diet of grass and grubs they were supplemented with GMO free grains as well.

The Breed ~ Orlopp Bronze ~ The Orlopp Bronze are a broad-breasted turkey, with high meat quality due to its natural fat layeringTaste the difference! These striking birds have a unique flavor, absolutely delicious! A premium broad breasted turkey, the Orlopp Bronze is the product of choice for the most discerning tastes and for the grandest occasions. Order yours today and enjoy a premium pasture raised turkey for the family Thanksgiving Dinner! 

Delivered Frozen, Uncooked and Shrink Packaged. 

**Note due to the nature of this heirloom breed of turkey, processors have a harder time removing the feathers. You may find some pin feathers still on the bird. This should not affect your eating experience. 

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