Pastured Chicken Stock Carcass


1 or 2 Carcasses / package depending on your choice. 

Use our Pasture Raised chicken carcasses to make an extra nutritious broth, boost your immunity, improve digestion and give your joints extra collagen. Try them and enjoy the goodness of pasture raised chicken broth in your next soup or enjoy a hot cup of broth mixed with apple cider vinegar.

Top 5 Nutritional Benefits of Chicken Broth

Our Pasture Raised chickens spend their summer months in the great outdoors - feasting daily on fresh grasses and whatever insects and bugs can be found. The birds are also supplemented with GMO free grains. We only grow the chickens throughout the summer so if you want a winters supply stock up end of the summer! 

Try our Pastured Chickens and you will see what all the hype is about Pastured Chicken.

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