Pasture Raised Whole Chickens

We source our Pasture-Raised Chickens from friends of ours, that do an excellent job at raising them!

The chickens are raised outside in the fresh air and moved daily to fresh grass. They are also supplemented with organic grains.

Processed the old-fashioned way

Did you know that many commercial chicken processors use a process called plumping to increase the weight of the meat?  Saltwater, often containing seaweed extracts, is injected into the meat, which artificially increases its weight — and its sodium content.

Wilderness Ranch chicken is processed at a government-inspected, family-owned processing facility, using traditional, time honoured methods.  We keep it simple and natural, and we never add or inject anything into your meat.

So you get the full weight of chicken that you’re paying for, and with no added sodium.



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