Whole Pasture Raised Pekin Duck

Wilderness Ranch Pekin Ducks are pasture raised and GMO free just like the chickens. We have limited quantities and first come first serve! Refer to our blog on our Chickens to see how they are raised!  

Over time duck has become a favorite among Americans. In fact, consumption increased by more than 35% between 1995 and 2005, which speaks volumes about its popularity. Statistics aside, duck is a great source of selenium and zinc, which helps with cellular metabolism. So it’s no wonder that duck has wowed the market and more and more people are enjoying it. 

Pekin Duck

Is one of the most popular ducks because it has a mild flavor, so it’s perfect for those exploring this poultry for the first time. The Pekin Duck is ideal for roasting, and it can also be served skinless for those who need to cut back the calories. 

Give Duck Meat a Try

Duck is a great, rich, juicy, and much more flavorful alternative to chicken or turkey. While it is a fattier meat, it is still a great dish to enjoy occasionally. Moreover, compared to other poultry meats, it has more health benefits and is richer in vitamins and minerals. In short, a much more flavorful version that will enchant your taste buds and palate. 

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