Pastured Whole Pork Deposit

Pasture Raised Whole Pork Deposit

** NOTE: In an effort to eliminate cutting instruction confusion we are no longer offering half pig options, If you are interested in a smaller amount of pork we have lots of individual cuts available and our 30 lb box as well.  

Our pork is second to none. Our pigs are able to run free, dig, and root at will wherever they please. They do take a little longer to grow because of this but we think it simply makes them taste that much better.
This deposit will reserve you a Whole Pig cut to you specifications. This is only a deposit, the balance will be due upon pickup, or delivery. We require you to fill out our online cutting form and send that to us as well. This is so we know how you would like your animal cut. If you need help with this we would be happy to walk you through that process. Contact Us
~ Whole Pig - estimated 220 lbs dressed weight @ $6.40 / lb. Approximately $1400
You'll get approximately 160 lbs in your freezer depending on your cutting instructions and size of your whole pig. Approximately 5-7 cubic feet of freezer space required 

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