100% Grass Fed Whole Cow or Half Cow Deposit

Whole or Half?

100% Grass Fed, Black Angus, Whole Cow or Half Cow 

We are now accepting half & whole beef deposits for our Late Summer & Early Fall 2019 Harvest. Deposit deadline for 2019 is August 31st. If you need one before this please send us an email or give us a call.  

Are you wondering why we harvest our animals this time of year? Please visit the WR Grass Fed Difference Page to find out. If you need beef to tide you over until your half or whole is ready, our 30 lb Beef Box is an excellent option! It is always in stock and about 1/10 of an animal. 

This deposit will reserve you a whole or half animal cut to your specifications. This is only a deposit, the balance will be due upon pickup, or delivery. We require you to fill out our online cutting form and send that to us as well. This is so we know how you would like your animal cut. If you need help with this we would be happy to walk you through that process. Contact Us

To ensure that you get a whole or half we recommend that you get your deposit in before July of the respective year. Your deposit will be applied to the purchase price of your beef. Your final payment is due at time of pick up, or prior to delivery via Interac email money transfer, or cash.

If you are one that likes to specify cutting instructions and are looking for a whole or half animal, or a years supply of beef, or have a family to feed and lots of freezer storage this is a good option for you. When you order a whole or half animal you are able to specify your own cutting instructions so you get the cuts exactly like you want them. Just remember when buying a whole or half animal you are buying by dressed weight, and you will lose 30-35% of the initial weight due to the cutting process. For more information on this please visit our FAQ page. When you order a whole or half you are able to get all the off cuts and organs if you want them ( heart, tongue, liver, soup bones, marrow bones, and oxtail). There is no extra charge for them. Whole and Half animals are only available for pick up, or delivery through out the summer and late fall. We DO NOT stock them. This deposit is required to reserve an animal for you. This way you are able to specify your cutting instructions.

~Whole animal $6.05 / lb dressed weight (450-550 lbs - approximately $3140)

~Half animal $6.05 / lb dressed weight (225-270 lbs - approximately $1575)

This works out to about 9.83 / lb of cut and wrapped beef. Where do you buy this quality of beef for so little! 


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